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1. Prepare for the Purchase (and Get a Pre-Approval Letter)

Financing your New Home


Reach out to one of our loan officers for a review of your financial situation. ECOM Loan Officers have many years of experience and will help you find out how much house you qualify for, as well as show you financing options. (With down payment assistance programs for first-time homebuyers, you might qualify for even more than you expected!)

Preapproved Letter


At the end of the consultation, your ECOM Loan Officer can prepare a pre-approval letter for you. With a pre-approval letter in hand, you're ready to start submitting offers on your new home.

Get Preapproved with ECOM

2. Shopping for a Home

Whether you're looking online or working with a real estate agent, your ideal house is waiting for you.


You probably know what kind of a house you want, but here are some additional factors to take into consideration.

House Shopping Basics   How is a House Valuated?

3. Submit an Offer


Finally! You've found a house. Negotiate the purchase price and other conditions of the purchase with the seller. Discuss with your real estate agent the purchase process.


In today's real estate market, submitting an offer with a pre-approval letter will increase the chances of your offer being accepted (it shows you've started the financing process and are ready to buy).

4. Open Escrow

Your offer has been accepted. Congratuations!


Now, you'll open escrow. This is where a neutral third party holds your earnest money deposit (binding you) and the purchase contract (binding the seller) until certain terms of the contract have been satisfied. Your ECOM Loan Officer will be in contact with the escrow company and will guide you through the loan process. For more detailed information, check out the buttons below:

The Loan Process What is Escrow? Apply Now

5. Closing Escrow


Your loan with ECOM is approved, you've checked out the property, and your funds are ready to go. The seller's made the proper arrangements on their part as well. Both you and the seller will have lots of documents to sign.

At the end of it all, your funds will be transferred into escrow and the seller will sign documents prepared by the escrow officer naming you the new property owner. The property deed will be recorded by the county and the seller will receive their funds.

You're done! You've just completed a real estate purchase.