2014 New Retail Website has launched William Chen - May 12 2015

Home Loan Mortgage officially introduce you to our new website http://www.ecomloan.com/, the original domain http://www.ecommortgageinc.com/ will continue to be used . We also opened http://www.hlmtg.com, make it easier for you to remember and to find us.

new website has been redesigned , making the user interface modern style. Importantly, we provide multi-lingual services, compared to the old site before, we now have Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English with the same content, our IT department will be updated regularly to provide translations for the loan market news for you to review. ECOM News will provide regular news inside our company, let you know who we are and what we up to. Our daily rates will update daily, you can clearly be found in the current interest rates and fees by entering your loan scenarios, allowing you to compare them with any other lenders you want to compare.

We always appreciate any suggestions from you to make us better, let us know your thoughts we will be working on it right away. Loans to be successful, just come to see us at Home Loan Mortgage!

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